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Job Description:

  • 1) Makes reservations and accepts payment for group tours, classes, field trips, and other educational activities offered by museum, zoo, or similar establishment: Provides information regarding tours for school, civic, or other groups, suggests tours on institution calendar, and contacts group leaders prior to scheduled dates to confirm reservations.

  • 2) Provides information regarding classes, workshops, field trips, and other educational programs designed for such special groups as school or college students, teachers, or handicapped persons.

  • 3) Registers groups and individuals for participation in programs, enters registration information in department records, and contacts participants prior to program dates to confirm registration and provide preparatory information.

  • 4) Prepares lists of groups scheduled for tours and persons registered for other activities for use of DIRECTOR, EDUCATION or other personnel.

  • 5) Collects and records receipts of fees for tours, classes, and other activities.

  • 6) Maintains records of participating groups, fees received, and other data related to educational programs for use in preparation of department reports.

  • 7) May take reservations and sell advance tickets to exhibits, concerts, and other events sponsored by institution, prepare periodic summaries of department activities for review by administrative personnel, or arrange for various support services to facilitate presentation of special activities.




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