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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends crushers, ovens, and screens to test samples of ore: Starts crusher to pulverize ore.

  • 2) Removes ore from crusher and places it in oven to dry.

  • 3) Sends portion of sample to laboratory for chemical analysis.

  • 4) Places sample in vibrator containing magnets and water.

  • 5) Starts vibrator to separate magnetic content of ore from impurities.

  • 6) Drains water from vibrator and weighs magnetic remainder.

  • 7) Pours ore sample through series of vibrating screens of different size openings to separate ore samples.

  • 8) Weighs and records each size of ore.

  • 9) Records number of tests performed.

  • 10) May collect ore samples from various sites in plant or mine, and record origin of samples.

  • 11) May perform chemical sedimentation or hardness tests on samples.




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End Of Job Description for: "SAMPLE TESTER-GRINDER"
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Job Number: 8924