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Job Description:

  • 1) Reconditions salvaged parts of equipment used in electric-power system and rebuilds equipment, such as air circuit breakers and lightning arrestors: Removes bolts and screws to disassemble salvaged materials, using handtools, and discards parts beyond repair.

  • 2) Dips parts in acid, lye, or soap solution to clean parts, and polishes parts, using buffing wheel.

  • 3) Solders, wraps, and coats lightning rod arrestor wires to connect and insulate wires during repair, using soldering iron, tape, and varnish.

  • 4) Bolts porcelain insulators to wood parts to assemble hot stools.

  • 5) Replaces broken porcelain insulating parts to rebuild air-circuit breakers and other protective devices, using cement.




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End Of Job Description for: "SALVAGE REPAIRER II"
DOT:   729.384-018

Job Number: 8893