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Job Description:

  • 1) Obtains or prepares food items requested by customers in retail food store, totals customer bill, receives payment, and makes change: Fills customer order, performing duties such as obtaining items from shelves, freezers, coolers, bins, tables, or containers; cleaning poultry; scaling and trimming fish; slicing meat or cheese, using slicing machine; preparing take-out sandwiches and salads; dispensing beverages; and warming food items in oven.

  • 2) Weighs items, such as produce, meat, and poultry to determine price.

  • 3) Lists and totals prices, using paper and pencil, calculator, or cash register.

  • 4) Informs customer of total price of purchases.

  • 5) Receives payment from customer for purchases and makes change.

  • 6) Bags or wraps purchases for customer.

  • 7) Cleans shelves, bins, tables, and coolers.

  • 8) Stamps, marks, or tags price on merchandise.

  • 9) Sets up displays and stocks shelves, coolers, counter, bins, tables, freezers, containers, or trays with new merchandise.

  • 10) May make deliveries to customer home or place of business.

  • 11) May write orders, decorate cakes, or describe available specialty products, such as birthday cakes.

  • 12) May order merchandise from warehouse or supplier.

  • 13) May be designated according to type of food sold as Grocery Clerk; Meat Counter Clerk; Produce Clerk I; Sales Clerk, Fish.




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