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Job Description:

  • 1) Coordinates safety traffic program and instructs truck and trailer drivers in matters pertaining to traffic and safety regulations, and care of equipment: Instructs drivers regarding company regulations, penalties for infraction of rules, or safety and conservation measures.

  • 2) Rides with drivers to detect errors in handling cargo or driving vehicle.

  • 3) Patrols highway to detect violation of company regulations by drivers and to observe condition of vehicles and road.

  • 4) Reroutes truck as result of unsatisfactory road conditions.

  • 5) Investigates accidents involving company trucks, questions witnesses and drivers to determine causes of accidents and makes adjustments in accordance with governmental regulatory agencies' and company procedures.

  • 6) Directs transfer of cargo from damaged truck to substitute vehicle to ensure scheduled delivery.

  • 7) Analyzes accident reports obtained from governmental agencies to determine driver's need for additional training.

  • 8) Trains supervisors in such matters as safety and conservation of equipment and driving hazards.

  • 9) Confers with department heads concerning such problems as accident rates and abuse of equipment, and recommends measures to improve safety records and to conserve equipment.




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