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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates gasoline, diesel, electric, or steam draw works to drill oil or gas wells: Observes pressure gauge and moves throttles and levers to control speed of rotary table which rotates string of tools in borehole, and to regulate pressure of tools at bottom of borehole.

  • 2) Connects sections of drill pipe, using handtools and powered wrenches and tongs.

  • 3) Selects and changes drill bits according to nature of strata, using handtools.

  • 4) Pushes levers and brake pedals to control draw works which lowers and raises drill pipe and casing into and out of well.

  • 5) Examines operation of slush pumps to ensure circulation and consistency of mud in well.

  • 6) Examines drillings or core samples from bottom of well to determine nature of strata.

  • 7) Fishes for and recovers lost or broken bits, casing and drill pipes from well, using special tools attached to end of drill pipe or cable.

  • 8) Keeps record of footage drilled, location and nature of strata penetrated, and materials used.

  • 9) Caps well or turns valves to regulate outflow of oil from well.

  • 10) Repairs or replaces defective parts of machinery, using handtools.

  • 11) May lower and explode charge in borehole to start flow of oil from well.

  • 12) May specialize in drilling underwater wells from barge-mounted derricks or drilling platforms and be designated Rotary Driller, Marine Operations.




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