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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machine to coat continuous rolls of roofing felt with asphalt, colored slate granules, powdered mica, or tar, to make roll roofing or shingles: Threads felt through or around series of coating rollers.

  • 2) Pulls felt through rollers and adjusts tension.

  • 3) Sets machine controls to gradually increase speed of rollers to specified operating speeds, or pulls levers and turns valves and wheels to synchronize machine speed and flow of coating material.

  • 4) Observes gauge and adjusts rheostat to regulate temperature of coating material in reservoir.

  • 5) Examines felt as it emerges from rollers to ensure that coating material is applied according to specifications.

  • 6) May feel moving felt to determine whether granules are being deposited uniformly and are adhering as specified.

  • 7) May be designated according to type of coating applied as Coater, Asphalt; Coater, Slate.




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End Of Job Description for: "ROOFING-MACHINE OPERATOR"
DOT:   554.682-022

Job Number: 8568