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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates primary mill to roll hot steel ingots into blooms, slabs, billets, or beam blanks, following rolling orders and using knowledge of steel properties and rolling practices: Reads rolling order to determine setup, rolling sequences, number of passes required, and draft for each pass.

  • 2) Sets clearances on guides and rolls, using wrenches and measuring instruments, and starts mill to roll sample ingot.

  • 3) Measures sample for conformance to dimensional specifications, using calipers, tape, and level.

  • 4) Moves levers to regulate draft, as shown by dial indicator, and to control movement of conveyors, water sprays, and mill tables for each pass.

  • 5) Signals soaking pit personnel for ingots as needed.

  • 6) Observes color of ingot to determine if specified rolling temperature has been attained.

  • 7) Gives directions to workers in duties, such as changing rolls, regulating speed of conveyors, and turning ingot, to obtain product of specified size, shape, and quality.

  • 8) May be designated according to type of mill operated as Roller, Billet Mill; Roller, Blooming Mill; Roller, Slabbing Mill.




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End Of Job Description for: "ROLLER, PRIMARY MILL"
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