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Job Description:

  • 1) Recovers and reconditions used printing-press rollers, using handtools and such equipment as melting pot and chopping machine: Strips cover from roller manually or with knife, separating meltable from nonmeltable materials.

  • 2) Feeds meltable scrap into chopping machine and dumps chopped material into heated melting pot.

  • 3) Weighs out, mixes, and melts ingredients to form molding compound in mixing kettle, according to formula.

  • 4) Paints roller cores, using brush.

  • 5) Winds twine around roller ends and other areas needing packing.

  • 6) Fits stars in position on cores and molding cylinder.

  • 7) Oils cylinder, using oilcan, and inserts cores in cylinder.

  • 8) Attaches bottom plate, water, and drain lines to molding cylinder, using wrenches.

  • 9) Couples lines from compressor to kettle containing molding compound and to pressure gun used to force molding compound into cylinder.

  • 10) Controls flow of compound according to signals from another worker observing operation from raised platform.

  • 11) Pours cold water over surface of cylinder to congeal molding compound.

  • 12) Inspects finished rollers for imperfections, trims excess molding compound from edges, and directs steam over surface of roller covers to remove wrinkles, using steam hose.




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