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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates buffing machine to recondition drawing, spinning, or roving frame rollers: Cuts worn cot from roller arbor and cleans arbor with solvent.

  • 2) Screws arbor guides to handpress and turns knob to adjust press stroke according to length of roller.

  • 3) Dips new cot into water to soften glue.

  • 4) Positions arbor and cot in press and pulls lever to press cot onto arbor.

  • 5) Positions assembled roller between centers on buffing machine carriage.

  • 6) Turns carriage-stop adjustment screw to adjust machine to reduce cot diameter to specified size.

  • 7) Starts machine and turns handwheel to feed revolving roller against buffing wheel.

  • 8) Measures buffed roller with calipers to verify accuracy of diameter and places roller in gauge to ensure that cot is not tapered.

  • 9) Cuts leather to specified size and glues edges to make leather cots.

  • 10) Presses leather cot onto arbor, using arbor press.

  • 11) Presses wooden tool against ends of leather cot as roller turns in lathe to shrink cot onto arbor.

  • 12) Cuts cloth covering and glues it onto clearer rollers that clean lint from drawing rollers.




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End Of Job Description for: "ROLLER COVERER"
DOT:   628.682-010

Job Number: 8519