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Job Description:

  • 1) Builds up plies of natural and synthetic rubber on metal cores for use on commercial and industrial machines: Positions metal core in building machine by hand or by use of hoist, and applies rubber cement with brush.

  • 2) Pulls ply of rubber from roll in rack onto worktable.

  • 3) Washes rubber plies with solvent and starts machine to revolve core.

  • 4) Wraps specified number of plies around core and splices ends.

  • 5) Starts automatic machine rollers or uses hand roller to compress rubber plies and remove wrinkles and trapped air.

  • 6) Measures thickness of roll, using calipers.

  • 7) Cuts roll to length with knife.

  • 8) Cements and applies finish rubber strips to each end.

  • 9) Wraps finished roll with strips of cloth preparatory to curing.




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End Of Job Description for: "ROLL BUILDER"
DOT:   759.484-010

Job Number: 8502