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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates industrial robot to drill, countersink, and counterbore metallic and nonmetallic workpieces used to manufacture aircraft parts or tooling, according to specifications and preprogrammed machine control instructions: Reads work order and specifications to determine prescribed setup and operation.

  • 2) Mounts and positions workpiece on locating pins of holding fixture adjacent to robot, manually or using hoist, and aligns and secures workpiece on holding fixture, using template, bolts, handtools, and power tools.

  • 3) Installs specified type and size drill bits in end effectors and places end effectors in holding station adjacent to robot.

  • 4) Loads cassette tape of machine instructions into machine controller or enters commands to retrieve preprogrammed instructions from mainframe computer.

  • 5) Pushes button or enters commands to activate robot that automatically retrieves and secures designated end effector on robot arm and positions arm for drilling.

  • 6) Operates robot to drill holes in test specimen and measures holes for conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments.

  • 7) Obtains written approval of test specimen from quality control inspector.

  • 8) Enters commands to start robot, observes robotic operation, and monitors screen of machine controller for malfunctions and error messages.

  • 9) Changes worn drill bits or adjusts machine according to error message instructions.

  • 10) Inspects finished workpiece for conformance to specifications.

  • 11) Notifies supervisor of numerical control programming problems.

  • 12) Cleans parts, tools, and fixtures, using solvents and rags.

  • 13) May drill holes in parts manually, using drill motor.

  • 14) May perform machine maintenance.

  • 15) May set up and operate robot to perform additional machine operations, such as sealing and fastener installation, to join component parts into complete assembly and be designated Assembly Line Robot Operator.




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