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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends equipment that roasts whole or milled grain to specified color or hardness preparatory to processing into cereal: Lights gas jets under drum or pan and sets temperature regulator at specified setting.

  • 2) Moves controls to transfer grain to drum or pan and start agitator that prevents sticking of grain to sides of vessel.

  • 3) Shovels grain from outer edge of pan to center to ensure uniform agitation of batch.

  • 4) Pushes grain from pan, using scoop, or pulls lever to dump grain onto conveyor after specified time, or determines removal time by matching color of roasted grain with color of standard sample.

  • 5) Records temperature reading and roasting time of batch.

  • 6) May start conveyor to move roasted grain to cooling pan and agitate grain with rake as blower forces air through perforated bottom of pan.




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