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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates riveting machine to rivet together parts fabricated from materials, such as sheet metal and plastic, according to work orders and specifications: Positions, aligns, and bolts specified dies over anvil and ram of machine and positions fixtures in machine bed, using micrometer, rule, gauge, shims, and wrenches.

  • 2) Installs cam and spring in anvil to synchronize action or clinching post of lower die with action of ram and with rivet feed agitator or lever when setting up semiautomatic machines which position rivets over anvil.

  • 3) Turns knobs and sets screws to adjust depth and pressure limit of ram stroke.

  • 4) Aligns holes of workpieces and inserts shanks of rivets into holes or onto anvil of machine.

  • 5) Positions rivets or holes in workpieces over anvil or against fixtures.

  • 6) Depresses pedal to lower ram that spreads rivet shank to clinch workpieces.

  • 7) Fills hopper with rivets when operating semiautomatic machines.

  • 8) May set up machines equipped with several rams, or with turret to punch and dimple rivet holes and to reposition workpiece after each operation.




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End Of Job Description for: "RIVETING-MACHINE OPERATOR I"
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