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Job Description:

  • 1) Rivets structural members, assemblies, and parts of railroad cars, using portable riveting, dimpling, and drilling machines and handtools: Reads work orders, blueprints, and operation sheets to determine sequence of operations and type size and hole pattern of rivets.

  • 2) Removes temporary bolts or fasteners and inserts rivets in predrilled holes.

  • 3) Places drive head of rivet gun against rivet shank and pulls trigger to actuate hammer that spreds rivet, or spreads rivet, using rivet set and hammer.

  • 4) Rivets together adjoining edges of parts and assemblies, using portable rivet squeezer.

  • 5) Places two dies of rivet squeezer over head and shank of rivet, and presses trigger to activate dies that flatten shank of rivet.

  • 6) Drills and reams rivet holes and drills out defective rivets.

  • 7) Forms dimples around rivet holes, using portable dimpling gun or stationary dimpling machine.

  • 8) May align and assemble parts to be riveted, using jigs, holding fixtures, pins, clamps, and fasteners.

  • 9) May buck rivets.




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