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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs blocks and guy lines for high lead, slack line, or similar log yarding system: Cuts notch around anchor stumps specified by HOOK TENDER, using chain saw and ax.

  • 2) Wraps cable around stump and secures it in position with spikes and U-bolts.

  • 3) Installs block, pulls winch cable through block, and secures cable to yarding blocks and guy lines.

  • 4) Signals winch operator to haul yarding blocks and guy lines to anchor stumps, and secures them to anchor stumps.

  • 5) Splices cable to make rigging parts or repair broken or worn cable, using marlin spikes, vise, hammer, and wire cutters.

  • 6) Dismantles yarding system and loads rigging onto trucks for removal to new yarding site.

  • 7) May install yarding cables, choker cables, cable swivels, carriages, and related rigging.

  • 8) May rig and erect wooden spars.

  • 9) May climb wooden spars, using climbing spurs and safety rope, to install or repair rigging.

  • 10) May lead activities of crew and be designated Head Rigger.




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