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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts independent field audits and investigations of federal income tax returns to verify or amend tax liabilities: Examines selected tax returns to determine nature and extent of audits to be performed.

  • 2) Analyzes accounting books and records to determine appropriateness of accounting methods employed and compliance with statutory provisions.

  • 3) Investigates documents, financial transactions, operation methods, industry practices and such legal instruments as vouchers, leases, contracts, and wills, to develop information regarding inclusiveness of accounting records and tax returns.

  • 4) Confers with taxpayer or representative to explain issues involved and applicability of pertinent tax laws and regulations.

  • 5) Investigates and collects federal tax delinquencies.

  • 6) Secures taxpayer's agreement to discharge tax assessment or submits contested determination to other administrative or judicial conferees for appeals hearings.

  • 7) May participate in informal appeals hearings on contested cases from other agents.

  • 8) May serve as member of regional appeals board to reexamine unresolved issues in terms of relevant laws and regulations and be designated Appellate Conferee.




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