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Job Description:

  • 1) Touches up photoengraving film reproductions of sketches or photographs to eliminate processing defects and distortions in design, or to create special effects on reproductions, utilizing knowledge of lithographic techniques: Compares film negatives or positives with original to locate portions of image, such as dots and lines that were lost during processing, spots on negatives or positives, and excessively dark or light tone values on film.

  • 2) Paints in lines and dots that were lost during processing, using brush, pen, or sponge and opaque.

  • 3) Scratches out spots and undesirable portions of image, using knife and pin.

  • 4) Paints in additional lines or dots to increase intensity of image on film or scratches out lines or dots to reduce intensity, following colors on original to restore specified tone values.

  • 5) May sketch designs on transparent paper preparatory to transferring to film.

  • 6) May retouch, correct, and create special effects on reproductions of photoengraved materials, using computer graphics system, and be designated Computer-Assisted Retoucher, Photoengraving.




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Job Number: 8412