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Job Description:

  • 1) Lays out, fabricates, assembles, and tests mechanical, electromechanical, structural, hydraulic, and pneumatic aircraft parts, assemblies, and mechanisms to assist engineers in determining faulty design or fabrication procedures: Lays out, fabricates, and assembles parts, assemblies, and mechanisms to be tested, according to blueprints, specifications, sketches, templates, or verbal instructions.

  • 2) Installs test specimens, such as rib assemblies, struts, landing gears, valves, ducts, fuselage sections, and control surfaces, in test equipment, and connects wiring, tubing, couplings, and power sources, using handtools and power tools.

  • 3) Operates test equipment to gather data on performance of parts, assemblies, and mechanisms under simulated flight and operational conditions.

  • 4) Measures induced variations from normal, using precision instruments, such as micrometers, verniers, calipers, pressure gauges, flowmeters, strain gauges, and dynamometers.

  • 5) Records and interprets test data.

  • 6) Confers with engineering personnel regarding test procedures and test results.

  • 7) Fabricates and assembles test equipment, tooling, shop aids, or other devices for experimental test projects.




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