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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs welding, burning, and brazing equipment, according to sketches, catalogs, parts lists, and charts: Examines equipment and observes operation to detect malfunction.

  • 2) Dismantles equipment to remove and replace worn or damaged parts, such as regulator diaphragms, torch tips, pressure springs, gauges, pneumatic cylinders, shunts, hoses, cables, and non-consumable electrodes, using handtools.

  • 3) Selects new parts from stock.

  • 4) Screws, solders, or brazes parts together to reassemble unit.

  • 5) Tests repaired equipment to ensure specified performance.

  • 6) Dresses and replaces non-consumable electrodes, using grinding and lapping wheel or tip dressing machine.

  • 7) May replace or repair worn or damaged parts of welding and flame cutting machines.

  • 8) May issue supplies, such as electrodes, torch tips, weld rods, and fluxes, to welders.

  • 9) May change tubes and electrodes of resistance-welding machines.

  • 10) May monitor weld current to ensure weld quality.

  • 11) May fabricate steel hangers to support manually operated welding guns.




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