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Job Description:

  • 1) Examines and evaluates records-management systems to develop new or improve existing methods for efficient handling, protecting, and disposing of business records and information: Reviews records and reports to ascertain media used, reproduction process, or electronic data processing involved.

  • 2) Drafts office and storage area layout to plot location of equipment and to compute space available.

  • 3) Confers with clerical and supervisory personnel to gather suggestions for improvements and to detect records-management problems.

  • 4) Reviews records retention schedules and governmental recordkeeping requirements to determine timetables for transferring active records to inactive or archival storage, for reducing paper records to micrographic form, or for destroying obsolete or unnecessary records.

  • 5) Evaluates findings and recommends changes or modifications in procedures, utilizing knowledge of functions of operating units, coding systems and filing methods.

  • 6) Recommends purchase of storage, retrieval, or disposal equipment according to knowledge of equipment capability and cost.




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End Of Job Description for: "RECORDS-MANAGEMENT ANALYST"
DOT:   161.267-022

Job Number: 8261