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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends automatic steam-hydraulic press that molds plastic compound into phonograph records: Places record labels over top and bottom center pins of press, and places preweighed and heated biscuit into press mold.

  • 2) Moves lever to close mold and start press on cycle that molds biscuit under pressure and heat to form phonograph record.

  • 3) Removes record at end of cycle, places record onto spindle of edge trimmer, and presses lever to start turntable that rotates record against circular blades to trim flash from record edge.

  • 4) Examines record for flaws, such as discoloration and scratches.

  • 5) Retains specified record samples for audio testing.

  • 6) May tend machine that automatically inserts labels and compound into mold, forms record, punches center hole, and trims flash from record edge.




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End Of Job Description for: "RECORD-PRESS TENDER"
DOT:   556.685-070

Job Number: 8260