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Job Description:

  • 1) Collects and prepares laboratory samples of metal-bearing ores, refined metals, and other materials, such as coke, cryolite, slag, scrap, or flue dust, by any combination of following methods: Collects samples of crushed ore, concentrates, or other material from conveyors, storage bins, carloads, or refining equipment, using sample containers or diverting mechanisms on conveyors or chutes.

  • 2) Grinds materials, using grinder mill.

  • 3) Weighs, dries, and reweighs material, using scales and oven, and computes moisture content.

  • 4) Sifts material through screen to remove oversized particles.

  • 5) Places sample in labeled containers, flasks, or bags for laboratory analysis.

  • 6) Takes samples of molten metal from furnaces or casting stations, using ladle and wafer mold.

  • 7) Stamps or marks identifying information on cast wafer for delivery to laboratory.

  • 8) Cuts samples of metal sheet or plate, using shears or punch.

  • 9) Saws sample sections from metal castings, plate, or rod for metallurgical analysis, using circular saw.

  • 10) Smooths cut surfaces of metal with grinder and sandpaper.

  • 11) Etches samples in acid to expose crystalline structure for spectrographic analysis.

  • 12) Drills holes in castings to obtain shavings for laboratory analysis.

  • 13) Stamps or labels samples for identification.




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