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Job Description:

  • 1) Analyzes existing freight rates, tariff regulations, and proposed or government-approved changes in rates to revise or recommend changes in rate structures, rules, and regulations for freight carrier: Analyzes proposals and applications for changes in rates, rules, or regulations received from rate bureaus, shippers, sales offices, and other carriers, and reviews regulations and regulatory agencies' decisions on applications filed by other carriers governing established rates and newly approved rate changes to determine required changes in company's rate charts.

  • 2) Compiles rate-manual sections in accordance with governmental regulations, based on factors such as handling costs, classes of merchandise transported, fuel costs, refrigeration required, business volume, and potential return trip loads.

  • 3) Confers with shippers, sales and rate bureau personnel, and others to discuss revised rates, rules, and regulations.

  • 4) Prepares revised rate schedules or submits data for publication.

  • 5) May propose rates for activities or services not previously rated.




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