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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts research in range problems to provide sustained production of forage, livestock, and wildlife: Studies range lands to determine best grazing seasons and number and kind of livestock that can be most profitably grazed.

  • 2) Plans and directs construction and maintenance of range improvements, such as fencing, corrals, reservoirs for stock watering, and structures for soil-erosion control.

  • 3) Develops improved practices for range reseeding.

  • 4) Studies forage plants and their growth requirements to determine varieties best suited to particular range.

  • 5) Develops methods for controlling poisonous plants, and for protecting range from fire and rodent damage.

  • 6) May specialize in particular area and be designated Range Conservationist.




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End Of Job Description for: "RANGE MANAGER"
DOT:   040.061-046

Job Number: 8213