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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests, repairs, calibrates, and assists in installation of radiological and related equipment used in medical diagnosis or therapy, applying technical knowledge of electronic, radiological, and mechanical systems, and user knowledge of computers, and using manuals, test equipment, measuring instruments, handtools, and power tools: Confers with supervisor, manufacturers' representatives, equipment operators, and other workers to discuss and establish work priorities, resolve equipment related problems, and plan installation, preventive maintenance, and repair procedures.

  • 2) Inspects and tests malfunctioning equipment to determine cause of malfunction, following learned procedures and repair manual instructions, using specialized test and analysis instruments and manufacturers' specifications.

  • 3) Disassembles malfunctioning equipment and removes, replaces, or repairs defective components, and readjusts components to manufacturers' specifications, using handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments.

  • 4) Removes old equipment, prepares space for installation of new equipment, and oversees installation of new equipment by manufacturer.

  • 5) Tests and calibrates equipment at regular or required intervals, using test and measuring instruments and handtools to maintain manufacturers' operational specifications.

  • 6) Selects, devises, designs, and installs mechanical or structural hardware, using tools and utilizing knowledge of mechanics and structures to resolve special equipment operation problems.

  • 7) Maintains records of maintenance and repair work and approved updates of equipment as required by manufacturer.

  • 8) Demonstrates operational procedures for equipment to users.

  • 9) May fabricate hardware, using machine and power tools, handtools, and related equipment.

  • 10) May work for manufacturer and specialize in particular line of equipment.




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DOT:   719.261-014

Job Number: 8189