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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates radiologic equipment to produce radiographs of body for diagnostic purposes, as directed by RADIOLOGIST : Positions patient on examining table and adjusts immobilization devices to obtain optimum views of specified area of body requested by physician.

  • 2) Explains procedures to patient to reduce anxieties and obtain patient cooperation.

  • 3) Moves x-ray equipment into specified position and adjusts equipment controls to set exposure factors, such as time and distance, based on knowledge of radiographic exposure techniques and protocols.

  • 4) Practices radiation protection techniques, using beam restrictive devices, patient shielding skills, and knowledge of applicable exposure factors, to minimize radiation to patient and staff.

  • 5) May operate mobile x-ray equipment in operating room, emergency room, or at patient's bedside.

  • 6) May specialize in production of screening and diagnostic x rays for detection of breast tumors and be known as Radiologic Technologist, Mammogram.




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