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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests x-ray equipment, inspects areas where equipment is used, and evaluates operating procedures to detect and control radiation hazards: Visits hospitals, medical offices, and other establishments to test x-ray machines and fluoroscopes and to inspect premises.

  • 2) Tests equipment to determine that kilovolt potential, alignment of components, and other elements of equipment meet standards for safe operation, using specialized instruments and procedures.

  • 3) Operates equipment to determine need for calibration, repair, or replacement of tubes or other parts.

  • 4) Measures density of lead shielding in walls, using radiometric equipment.

  • 5) Computes cumulative radiation levels and refers to regulations to determine if amount of shielding is sufficient to absorb radiation emissions.

  • 6) Examines license of equipment operator for authenticity and observes operating practices to determine competence of operator to use equipment.

  • 7) Confers with physicians, dentists, and x-ray personnel to explain procedures and legal requirements pertaining to use of equipment.

  • 8) Demonstrates exposure techniques to improve procedures and minimize amount of radiation delivered to patient and operator.

  • 9) Reviews plans and specifications for proposed x-ray installations for conformance to legal requirements and radiation safety practices.

  • 10) Contacts organizations submitting inadequate specifications to explain changes in shielding or layout needed to conform to regulations.




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DOT:   168.261-010

Job Number: 8180