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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks in rock quarry: Removes mud and muck from surface of stone, using pick, shovel, and steam hose.

  • 2) Chips irregularities from stone slabs to produce uniform, rectangular shapes and reduce shipping weights, using pick.

  • 3) Loosens blasted stone, using pick and crowbar.

  • 4) Cuts notches in blocks of stone with pick and hammer, and attaches hoisting cables, hooks, or slings to stone.

  • 5) Breaks stone into pieces, using sledgehammer.

  • 6) Loads broken rock into boxes to be hoisted from quarry, using shovel, stone fork, or hands.

  • 7) Loosens blasted stone with bar or pick and skids rock into position for breaking.




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