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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests charcoal briquettes at end of processing to verify conformance to specifications: Removes bag of briquettes from packaging line periodically and carries briquettes to testing laboratory.

  • 2) Grinds specified quantity of briquettes, using hand grinder, places grounds into moisture-testing equipment, and observes moisture meter to determine moisture content of sample.

  • 3) Saturates stacked briquettes with fire-starter fluid, ignites briquettes, and observes burning characteristics of briquettes and time required for white ash to form over briquette surfaces.

  • 4) Places prescribed number of briquettes in burner pot, ignites briquettes, and observes heat sensor dial to determine temperature released by burning briquettes.

  • 5) Weighs briquettes.

  • 6) Records test results on test report forms.




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Job Number: 8149