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Job Description:

  • 1) Examines photographic prints, processed film, cameras and other photographic equipment for defects or faulty operation to determine course of action required to satisfy customer complaints: Reviews unresolved requests for adjustment of complaints and reads customer comments to determine basis of complaint and plan of action needed to resolve complaint.

  • 2) Spreads negatives and prints on illuminated worktable and uses magnifying glass to detect defects, such as incorrect coloring, shading, or cutting.

  • 3) Determines cause of defect and type correction required based on knowledge of photo processing and finishing techniques.

  • 4) Prepares memorandum to processing department and confers with SUPERVISOR, QUALITY CONTROL to suggest remedies to prevent subsequent errors in processing.

  • 5) Contacts customer to explain causes for defects and confers with sales-service personnel to resolve technical questions and to demonstrate correct usage of photographic equipment.

  • 6) Prepares reports indicating complaints handled and dispositions made.




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End Of Job Description for: "QUALITY-CONTROL TECHNICIAN"
DOT:   976.267-010

Job Number: 8144