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Job Description:

  • 1) Originates puppet shows, designs and constructs puppets and moves controls of puppets to animate them for entertainment of audience: Studies media for ideas that relate to fads, stories, plays, and seasonal themes and confers with other staff to develop ideas for new show.

  • 2) Writes or adapts script for use in puppet theater.

  • 3) Sketches designs for puppets based on script.

  • 4) Constructs hand, string, rod, and shadow puppets from materials, such as wood, papier mache, styrofoam, wires, metal, and rubber, using handtools and machine tools.

  • 5) Sews clothing for puppets by hand or machine.

  • 6) Animates puppets, using string, wire, rod, fingers or hand from position above, below, or at level with stage.

  • 7) Talks or sings during performance to give illusion of voice to puppets.

  • 8) May operate audio equipment, such as tape deck, during performance and simultaneously move puppet's mouth in synchronization with music to create illusion of singing.




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