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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates punching machine, equipped with pantograph mechanism, to punch pattern designs in rolls of paper or plastic which control stitching operations of automatic embroidery machines: Positions and tacks cartoon onto pantograph pattern board and mounts roll of paper in holder.

  • 2) Pulls levers to start and to regulate speed of machine, and to move needles against pattern roll.

  • 3) Guides pantograph pointer over cartoon to activate punching needles that perforate paper roll to form embroidery pattern roll.

  • 4) Marks identifying information on punched roll, using crayon.

  • 5) May place roll of paper in holder.

  • 6) May operate machine equipped with mechanism that simultaneously stitches sample design and punches pattern in paper.

  • 7) May place punched roll in machine that automatically produces copies of design.




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Job Number: 8096