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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates pumps and manifold systems to load petro-chemical products, such as caustic soda, methanol, and styrene into trucks, barges, and tank cars: Reads loading order or receives instructions from supervisor.

  • 2) Determines movement of products through lines from storage tanks to tank trucks, barges, and tank cars utilizing knowledge of interconnections, pipeline capacities, manifolds, and pumps.

  • 3) Inspects and weighs vessels to prevent contamination and to satisfy loading procedures.

  • 4) Coordinates product movement activities with other workers to ensure continuous flow of product.

  • 5) Starts pumps, observes pressure and flowmeters, and turns valves to regulate flow of product to loading vessel according to loading procedures.

  • 6) Signals other pumper-gaugers to open and close hatch valves and to gauge, sample, and determine temperature of tank contents.

  • 7) Records operating data, such as products and quantities pumped, storage tank used, gauge readings, and operating time.

  • 8) Inspects valves, flanges, manifolds throughout system and tightens connections, using handtools.

  • 9) Delivers product samples to laboratory and affixes product warning placards onto vessel.

  • 10) Operates blenders and heaters to mix, blend, and heat products.

  • 11) May perform variety of tests to determine viscosity, specific gravity, and flash point of sample contents.




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