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Job Description:

  • 1) Investigates psychological aspects of human interrelationships to gain understanding of individual and group thought, feeling, and behavior, utilizing behavioral observation, experimentation, or survey techniques: Evaluates individual and group behavior, developing such techniques as rating scales and sampling methods to collect and measure data.

  • 2) Conducts surveys and polls to measure and analyze attitudes and opinions as basis for predicting economic, political, and other behavior, using interviews, questionnaires, and other techniques, and adhering to principles of statistical sampling in selecting people.

  • 3) Observes and analyzes relations of individuals to religious, racial, political, occupational, and other groups to evaluate behavior of individuals toward one another in groups, attitudes that exist in groups, and influence of group on individual.

  • 4) Investigates social behavior of individuals to study such problems as origin and nature of prejudice and stereotyping, transmission of values and attitudes in child rearing, and contribution of factors in social environment to individual mental health and illness.

  • 5) Conducts experimental studies on motivation, morale, and leadership, and prepares reports on findings.




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