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Job Description:

  • 1) Evaluates needs of average, gifted, handicapped, and disturbed children within educational system or school, and plans and carries out programs to enable children to attain maximum achievement and adjustment: Conducts diagnostic studies to identify child's needs, limitations, and potentials, observing child in classroom and at play, studying school records, consulting with parents and school personnel, and administering and interpreting diagnostic findings.

  • 2) Plans special placement or other treatment programs.

  • 3) Counsels pupils individually and in groups, using psychodrama, play therapy, personal interviews, and other psychological methods to assist pupils to achieve personal, social, and emotional adjustment.

  • 4) Carries out research to aid in introduction of programs in schools to meet current psychological, educational, and sociological needs of children.

  • 5) Advises teachers and other school personnel on methods to enhance school and classroom atmosphere to provide motivating educational environment.

  • 6) Refers individuals to community agencies to secure medical, vocational, or social services for child or family.

  • 7) Participates in planning of remedial classes and testing programs designed to meet needs of students.

  • 8) Serves as consultant to school board, superintendent, administrative committees, and parent-teacher groups in matters involving psychological services within educational system or school.




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