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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts research, development, application, and evaluation of psychological principles relating human behavior to characteristics, design, and use of environments and systems within which human beings work and live: Collaborates with equipment designers in design, development, and utilization of man-machine systems to obtain optimum efficiency in terms of human capabilities.

  • 2) Advises on human factors to be considered in design of man-machine systems, military equipment, and industrial products.

  • 3) Participates in solving such problems as determining numbers and kinds of workers required to operate machines, allocation of functions to machines and operators, and layout and arrangement of work sites.

  • 4) Analyzes jobs to establish requirements for use in classification, selection, placement, and training of personnel.

  • 5) Develops training methods and materials, such as curriculums, lectures, and films, and prepares handbooks of human engineering data for use by equipment and system designers.

  • 6) May conduct research to develop psychological theories concerning such subjects as effects of physical factors on worker's behavior; functional design of dials, scales, meters, and other instruments to minimize sensory requirements; specifications for optimal size, shape, direction and speed of motion, and location of equipment controls; and effects of environmental, organismic, and task or job variables on work behavior and life quality.




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