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Job Description:

  • 1) Provides care to patients with partial or total absence of limb by planning fabrication of, writing specifications for, and fitting prosthesis under guidance of and in consultation with physician: Assists physician in formulation of prescription.

  • 2) Examines and evaluates patient's prosthetic needs in relation to disease entity and functional loss.

  • 3) Formulates design of prosthesis and selects materials and components.

  • 4) Makes casts, measurements, and model modifications.

  • 5) Performs fitting, including static and dynamic alignments.

  • 6) Evaluates prosthesis on patient and makes adjustments to assure fit, function, comfort, and quality.

  • 7) Instructs patient in prosthesis use.

  • 8) Maintains patient records.

  • 9) May supervise PROSTHETICS ASSISTANTS and other personnel.

  • 10) May supervise laboratory activities relating to development of prosthesis.

  • 11) May lecture and demonstrate to colleagues and other professionals concerned with practice of prosthetics.

  • 12) May participate in research.

  • 13) May also perform functions of ORTHOTIST.




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