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Job Description:

  • 1) Receives, stores, records, and issues money, valuables, and other articles seized as evidence, removed from prisoner, or recovered, lost, or stolen property: Prepares record of articles and valuables received, including description of article, name of owner, name of police officer from whom received, and reason for retention.

  • 2) Issues property being retained as evidence to officer at time of trial upon receipt of authorization.

  • 3) Telephones owners or mails letters to notify owners to claim property, and releases lost or stolen property to owners upon proof of ownership.

  • 4) Returns property to released prisoners.

  • 5) Prepares list of articles required by law to be destroyed and destroys narcotics and drugs in presence of official witnesses.

  • 6) Sends alcoholic beverages to state liquor commission.

  • 7) Lists and sends unclaimed or confiscated money to auditor's office.

  • 8) Sends unclaimed and illegal weapons for official destruction.

  • 9) Prepares inventory of unclaimed articles for possible sale at auction or donation to charitable organization.




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