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Job Description:

  • 1) Directs, coordinates, and exercises functional authority for planning, organization, control, integration, and completion of engineering project within area of assigned responsibility: Plans and formulates engineering program and organizes project staff according to project requirements.

  • 2) Assigns project personnel to specific phases or aspects of project, such as technical studies, product design, preparation of specifications and technical plans, and product testing, in accordance with engineering disciplines of staff.

  • 3) Reviews product design for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, customer contract requirements, and related specifications.

  • 4) Coordinates activities concerned with technical developments, scheduling, and resolving engineering design and test problems.

  • 5) Directs integration of technical activities and products.

  • 6) Evaluates and approves design changes, specifications, and drawing releases.

  • 7) Controls expenditures within limitations of project budget.

  • 8) Prepares interim and completion project reports.




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