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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs combination of following duties to produce solid-propellant rocket fuel, prepare rocket motor cases for inserting propellant, cast and cure propellant, install propellant and ignition components in motor case, prepare assembly for static testing, and pack assembly for shipment: Blends fuel ingredients and tends roller mill that grinds mixture to uniform consistency from remote control instrument panel, viewing operations on television monitor.

  • 2) Lowers motor case into degreasing pit filled with solvent, using hoist.

  • 3) Transfers case to sandblasting cabinet and starts compressor to sandblast unit, removing rust and scale.

  • 4) Paints motor case, using spray gun.

  • 5) Weighs out prescribed ingredients for insulating interior of case and starts agitator in mixing tank to blend ingredients to desired consistency.

  • 6) Sprays insulating liner onto case interior, using spray gun.

  • 7) Hoists case into oven to cure lining preparatory to inserting propellant.

  • 8) Fills fuel transfer can with propellant mixture, according to prescribed safety procedures, bolts lid onto can, and starts vibrator to remove air bubbles from mixture.

  • 9) Transfers filled can to casting area, using lift truck.

  • 10) Brushes mold-releasing lubricant onto casting core to facilitate removal of propellant after curing.

  • 11) Positions motor case in rack or pit and aligns casting core in case, using gauge and following markings on case interior.

  • 12) Couples safety hose to valve in lid of transfer can and turns air valves to force propellant into case.

  • 13) Bolts hydraulic jack to retainer ring of case and turns valve from behind safety barrier to force core into position, using system of mirrors to regulate movement of core.

  • 14) Slips plastic bag and metal cap over assembly and transfers filled case to curing oven.

  • 15) Sets automatic temperature controls of oven according to critical specifications for each type of propellant and size of motor.

  • 16) Removes casting core from propellant after prescribed curing time, using hydraulic jack, and trims excess propellant from rim of case, using remote controlled air-powered knives.

  • 17) Secures retaining collars, exhaust nozzle, ignition cable, and igniter motor in motor case, using torque and impact wrenches, to ensure alignment of all components.

  • 18) Hoists motor onto cradle of scale and records weight.

  • 19) Determines center of gravity of assembly, using centering devices and standard formula.

  • 20) Stencils identity and motor specifications on case, using stencil and roller.

  • 21) Prepares assemblies for static testing by transferring units to and from temperature-controlled rooms, securing them to test stand, recording test instrument readings, and disassembling faulty units for inspection.

  • 22) Slides completed assemblies into pressurized shipping containers, using hoist and aligning devices to prevent damage during shipment.

  • 23) Seals container, using gaskets, bolts, tape, resilient packing, and moisture-absorbing agents.

  • 24) May be known as Mold-Release Worker; Rocket-Assembly Operator.

  • 25) When casting smaller fuel elements in molds to produce free-standing grain, wrapping grain in inhibitor sheath to control rate of burning, and manually loading grain into motor case or container, is designated Technical Operator, Grain Preparation.




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