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Job Description:

  • 1) Conceives and develops drawings and other art work and prepares printmaking medium used to print fine arts graphics: Determines printmaking method, such as recessed, raised, or flat, which will be most effective to reproduce conceived art work.

  • 2) Renders art work on stone, metal, wood, linoleum, or other material, using various tools, procedures, and processes to etch, engrave, carve, paint, draw, or perform some similar operation, utilizing knowledge of art and printing to prepare image capable of being transferred.

  • 3) Inks surface of medium and transfers image to paper, using hand or machine press.

  • 4) Examines proofs and makes corrections to art work, if necessary.

  • 5) Approves and signs final proof.

  • 6) May prepare preliminary sketches.

  • 7) May use photographic or silk screen process to produce image.

  • 8) May use any suitable textured surface for printmaking medium.

  • 9) May use more than one process on single graphic.

  • 10) May print entire edition or instruct other workers to print it.

  • 11) May teach printmaking.




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Job Number: 7913