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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends equipment that blends and screens dry explosive powders in cloth, cone-shaped mixing and screening device to make primer powder for center-fire cartridges: Selects and carries predetermined quantities of ingredients from storage magazines and dryhouse to mixing house.

  • 2) Positions containers in specified order on dumping shelf of mixing device.

  • 3) Moves dump arm by remote control from behind cement wall to empty containers in mixing bag.

  • 4) Turns mixing crank specified number of times to move bag center up and down to blend powders, observing operations in mirrors set at angles.

  • 5) Pours blended powder into rubber containers, marks with identifying data, and carries them to storage magazines.

  • 6) Washes equipment and premises to prevent accumulation of explosive dust.

  • 7) Mends and replaces torn mixing bags, using needle and thread.

  • 8) Repairs screens and attaches bags to wall of mixing cylinder, using special lacing and tying technique.

  • 9) May blend wet mixtures.




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