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Job Description:

  • 1) Cleans, seals, and tests aircraft pressurized sections and cavities, according to blueprints and specifications, using handtools, power tools, and pressure testing equipment: Reads and interprets blueprints and process specifications to determine area to be sealed, volume of pressure to be applied, and allowable tolerances.

  • 2) Applies cleaning solvent or other solution to interior and exterior surfaces of section to be sealed, such as fuel and water tanks, integral wings, and fuselage, using brushes, rags, spray guns, liquid vacuum cleaners, and air hoses.

  • 3) Applies sealing compounds to surfaces, using fillet guns, brushes, and similar equipment.

  • 4) Dries sealant, using heat lamps and compressed hot air.

  • 5) Bolts access doors and hatches, disconnects plumbing lines, electrical cable and rigging, and caps connections with plugs and threaded fixtures to make section airtight.

  • 6) Sets up and operates pressure-testing equipment to detect leakage.

  • 7) Visually and audibly checks for leakage of areas under pressure, and applies sealing tape, cement, liquid rubber, grommets, and other aids to eliminate leakage.

  • 8) Reinstalls accessories disconnected prior to test.

  • 9) May repair structural defects, using tools and equipment.

  • 10) May seal and test integral wing sections serving as fuel cells, working within closed or difficult areas to access, and be designated Fuel Tank Sealer And Tester or Integral Tank Sealer.

  • 11) May seal and pressurize aircraft fuselage sections and be designated Pressurization Mechanic or Pressurizer.

  • 12) May set up and operate air pressure cabinet located outside section being tested by others to maintain constant internal pressure and be designated Pressurization Mechanic, Air Control.




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Job Number: 7859