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Job Description:

  • 1) Folds prefabricated bookcases over book bodies and compresses assembled book in press to secure cases to bodies: Folds upper half of case over top sheet of book body; stretches case tight over back of book and holds book in place on lower half of case.

  • 2) Presses case down on book body; centers book in case with fingers.

  • 3) Stacks enfolded books in press and places pressboards at intervals in stack.

  • 4) Turns handwheel or depresses pedal to lower press head and clamp stack.

  • 5) Retains books in press until glue or paste has dried.

  • 6) Reverses handwheel or pushes lever to raise press head, removes books, and stacks books for finishing.

  • 7) May coat book bodies with paste, using brush, or position books over blade of machine and press button to lower book body between saturated rollers to coat body with paste prior to positioning case over book body and be designated Caser.

  • 8) May position enfolded books singly on press and press button to lower heated ram to crease and recrease joints on backbone of book.

  • 9) May wipe glue from endpapers, using cloth.




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Job Number: 7846