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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates pressing machine to smooth surfaces, flatten seams, or shape articles, such as garments, drapes, slipcovers, and hose, in manufacturing or dry cleaning establishments, using either of following methods: Spreads articles to be pressed on buck of machine.

  • 2) Pulls pressing head onto article and depresses pedals or presses buttons to admit steam from buck through garments to press them and to exhaust steam from presser.

  • 3) Rearranges articles on buck and repeats process until pressing is complete.

  • 4) Positions garment on buck and depresses pedal to lower jump iron onto garment and to apply pressure.

  • 5) Pushes lever to release steam from iron.

  • 6) Pushes iron attached to movable arm back and forth over garment and shifts garment under iron until garment is pressed.

  • 7) Hangs pressed articles on wire hangers.

  • 8) May operate two presses simultaneously, positioning articles on one press while another article is steamed on other press.

  • 9) May finish pressed articles, using hand or puff irons.

  • 10) May tend machine that presses and shapes articles, such as shirts, blouses, and sweaters.

  • 11) May be designated according to article pressed as Coat Presser; Pants Presser; or according to fabric pressed as Silk Presser II; or according to part of garment pressed as Armhole-And-Shoulder Off-Presser; Lining Presser; or according to type of machine used as Jump-Iron-Machine Presser.

  • 12) May be designated according to article, part, type of fabric, or machine used as Band Presser; Collar Fuser; Form-Press Operator; Legger-Press Operator; Mushroom-Press Operator; Puff-Iron Operator II; Shirt Finisher; Topper-Press Operator; Topper-Press Operator, Automatic; Vest-Front Presser; Wash-Clothes Presser; Wool Presser.




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