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Job Description:

  • 1) Presses articles, such as drapes, knit goods, millinery parts, parachutes, garments, and slip covers, or delicate textiles, such as lace, synthetics, and silks to remove wrinkles, flatten seams, and give shape to article, using hand iron: Places article in position on ironing board or worktable.

  • 2) Smooths and shapes fabric prior to pressing.

  • 3) Sprays water over fabric to soften fibers when not using steam iron.

  • 4) Adjusts temperature of iron, according to type of fabric, and uses covering cloths to prevent scorching or to avoid sheen on delicate fabrics.

  • 5) Pushes and pulls iron over surface of article, according to type of fabric.

  • 6) Fits odd-shaped pieces which cannot be pressed flat over puff iron.

  • 7) May pin, fold, and hang article after pressing.

  • 8) May be designated according to article or part pressed as Coat Ironer, Hand; Lining Presser; Seam Presser; Vest Presser; or according to type of cloth pressed as Cotton Presser; Silk Presser I or part pressed as: Flatwork Finisher, Hand; Piece Presser; Pocket Presser; Underpresser, Hand; Waist Presser; Wearing-Apparel Finisher, Hand.




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