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Job Description:

  • 1) Screens, melts, and pours TNT into projectile cases: Pours TNT powder into hopper of screening machine which reduces lumps by agitation.

  • 2) Pours powder into revolving steam-heated kettle and adjusts controls to permit steam to flow in pipes around kettle, heating and melting TNT.

  • 3) Empties melted explosive into buckets through valves.

  • 4) Tests temperature of TNT with thermometer and cools it to prescribed temperature, using power-operated paddle.

  • 5) Pours molten TNT into shell and bomb cases.

  • 6) Breaks off crystallized TNT scrap and returns it to melting pot.

  • 7) Drills threaded holes in charge into which boosters are loaded.

  • 8) Loads shells and bombs with TNT powder, pouring explosive into cases by hand and pressing powder down with hydraulic press.




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End Of Job Description for: "POWDER WORKER, TNT"
DOT:   737.684-030

Job Number: 7757