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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests electrical circuitry and measures temperature and depth level of materials in aluminum reduction pots: Places contact rods of voltmeter against anode of reduction pot and against lining of next pot on line to obtain voltage reading of pot circuit.

  • 2) Records meter reading, repeats test on next pot, and deducts reading from previous reading to determine any power loss.

  • 3) Repeats test on each succeeding pot to obtain and record power loss at each point along potline.

  • 4) Removes concrete sections of floor, using overhead hoist, to expose electrical circuits.

  • 5) Places prongs of millivoltmeter on ground and electrical connections to measure amount of positive and negative charges entering pot.

  • 6) Inspects electrical connections, firebrick lining, and wiring to detect damaged, worn, or broken parts, and notifies POT-ROOM SUPERVISOR of discrepancies.

  • 7) Breaks hole in pot crust with crowbar, and inserts thermocouple to measure temperature of contents.

  • 8) Measures depth of contents, using measuring rod, and records temperature and depth on control form.

  • 9) Dips ladle into pot to remove sample of aluminum for laboratory analysis, and pours sample into mold.

  • 10) Records test readings, voltage loss, temperatures, and depth levels on master control form, and submits it to POT-ROOM SUPERVISOR.




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