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Job Description:

  • 1) Measures electrical activity of patient's brain waves and other physiological variables, using polysomnograph, to aid physician in diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders: Applies surface electrodes to patient's head, using adhesive paste or tape, to obtain electroencephalogram measurement and applies other combinations of sensors and electrodes to patient to obtain measurements such as electromyogram, electrooculogram, electrocardiogram, air flow respiratory effort, and oxygen saturation, as requested by physician and following established procedures.

  • 2) Operates closed circuit television camera to observe patient during test and to record patient's sleep activities.

  • 3) Operates polysomnograph equipment to record electrical activity of brain waves and other physiological variables and records notes on graph to eliminate from consideration physiological measurements caused by such activities as patient opening eyes, turning head, or turning body.

  • 4) Studies polysomnogram to recognize arrhythmias and abnormal respiratory patterns and calls physician or other emergency personnel if needed.

  • 5) Measures durations of brain waves recorded on polysomnograms, using millimeter ruler.

  • 6) Studies characteristics of completed polysomnogram tracings and summarizes data showing stages of sleep, abnormal breathing events, periodic leg movements, arrhythmias, and other information, applying knowledge of polysomnograph testing principles.

  • 7) Enters data into computer and writes report incorporating patient's medical history, completed patient questionnaires, previous and current polysomnogram information, presence and type of abnormality, and other information for analysis by physician or other health professional.

  • 8) May apply electrodes to patient's head, using pins.

  • 9) May supervise and coordinate activities of other technicians and be known as Chief Polysomnographic Technician.




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Job Number: 7701